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HPS Performance

HPS Performance HTSOC-312-L6-BLK Silicone Offset Coupler -

HPS Performance HTSOC-312-L6-BLK Silicone Offset Coupler

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This HPS High Temp 4-ply Reinforced Silicone Offset Coupler meets and exceeds SAEJ20 industry standards. This product is ideal for heavy duty pressure connections and provides excellent durability even in high temperature applications. The 1/2" offset from the center provides a connection between two pipes that are misaligned, making it much easier to install over a standard straight coupler. It is engineered to meet high-performance requirements specified in various industry standards, making it great for marine and industrial use, custom turbo or intercooler piping fabrication, and DIY intake or radiator cooling systems. Temperature Range:- 65 degrees to + 350 degrees Fahrenheit (177C). UV and ozone resistant. REMARK: Not compatible with fuel or oil.

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