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AeroCatch 125-4000 Xtreme Series Non-Locking Hood Pins -

AeroCatch 125-4000 Xtreme Series Non-Locking Hood Pins

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Black housing
Steel pin
The AeroCatch Xtreme series is the latest evolution of the famous hood pins designed for the much harsher conditions of the off-road and rally racing. With its steel strike pins, AeroCatch Xtreme has been designed to withstand the conditions found in even the most severe raid events. Having listened to and from working with customers involved in off-road racing, AeroCatch engineers gained essential feedback that created this ruggedized version suitable for their tougher requirements. AeroCatch hood pins are used across a variety of motorsport applications to secure hoods/bonnets, trunks/boots and tailgates. AeroCatch are tested in an UK independent testing house to ensure the maximum safety levels are achieved. The high strength plastic material they are made from can be painted allowing full customization and optional discretion, making them suitable for street, race and rally. The 125 Series offers modern aerodynamic styling combined with light weight, high strength construction, making it a popular choice across a variety of motorsport applications. The 125-4000 version has a black finish with a steel pin and is mounted from above with a backing plate. The kit contains:

2x AeroCatch black
2x Nut fixing plates
2x Steel pin
2x Rubber bump stops
1x AeroCatch fastener kit
1x AeroCatch arrow sticker set

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