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HPS Performance

HPS Performance HTSEC135-125-BLUE Silicone Elbow - 135 Degree -

HPS Performance HTSEC135-125-BLUE Silicone Elbow - 135 Degree

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The HPS 135 Degree 4-Ply Reinforced Silicone Elbow is the ultimate solution for high-performance applications. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures, this premium silicone elbow delivers unrivaled durability and reliability.

Crafted with precision, our 4-ply reinforced silicone elbow ensures maximum strength and flexibility. Each layer is engineered to provide exceptional resistance against heat and pressure, making it ideal for turbocharged and intercooled systems. With its smooth interior surface, it guarantees unobstructed flow, minimizing turbulence and optimizing performance.

Featuring a precise 135-degree bend, this elbow offers efficient flow dynamics, allowing for enhanced intake and exhaust efficiency. Its 5" leg lengths provide added versatility and ease of installation in a wide range of configurations. Whether you're upgrading parts on your vehicle or needing this product for general manufacturing in your industry, this silicone elbow is the perfect choice.

Built to endure extreme conditions, this silicone elbow is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -65?F to 350?F (-53?C to 177?C), ensuring reliable performance in even the harshest environments. It is also engineered to withstand high pressures, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

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